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Hook up 7 speakers to 5.1 receiver

xXx Pics Hook up 7 speakers to 5.1 receiver.

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Hi everyone, this is my first post. Since the summer, i've been getting more and more into home theater stuff. I have put together a system that i really like which comprises of MTX Monitor series floorstandings as my mains and my surrounds, and a MTX Monitor center channel speaker.

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This is a 5. Since i haev no intentions to upgrade my receiver any time soon because of cost issues, i was wonder what would happen if i would wire 2 more speakers 1 for left and one for right onto the existing surround channels?

Is this even possible? The receiver is an 8 ohm receiver, and the speakers are 4 and 8 ohm compatible.

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What can i do? Odds are that when you connect another pair of speakers to the same terminal as another, the total impedance will be lowered, probably to lower than most amps can handle. Of course, if you have a "B" speaker terminal, this might be a half-arsed solution since it would reproduce either the two stereo channels or the two front channels. RTFM for more info on this and see where this leads. Running to speakers off one terminal can be done. Not recommended though because you will most likely want to listen to your system loud and your receiver will not beable to produce the power needed because of the ohm load.

Your amp will see two 8ohm speakers now as a 4ohm load. You can however run them in series very easily. Your amp will now see two 8ohm speakers as a 16ohm load.

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You will have to raise your speaker levels after because they will be lower. Add an Amp The best way to do this is to add an amp. You can wire your surrounds and use the pre-outs at the same time.

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Of course you will be getting the exact same sound out of each set of speakers. It won't truly be 7. And it won't truly be 6. Originally Posted by mgripy.

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Like previous wire in series. As to your other question, since what you're doing is fairly unusual, and won't really add anything and nobody else has bothered with it, the audiable results will be unpredictable. I won't do the math for ya I can't but here's some things to think about. I think you can do the math to come out with an approximate answer. Also, having two speakers in series does funky things to the impedance curve and this will affect the sound somewhat. Try it and see how it sounds.

At least you can feel safe in that your receiver is not gonna blow up. What are you hoping for out of Hook up 7 speakers to 5.1 receiver experiment? If you're looking for better sound, I doubt that you'll get it. As said before, wiring two speakers in series is going to throw screwy impedance loads at your receiver.

The imaging will probably get all screwed up. Your receiver will have to work harder to drive two additional speaker loads. Unless the speakers are of the same design, you'll be mixing different vocal characteristics. The ONLY thing that I can think of that would be a benefit would be in filling the back end of a very large room with sound.

I would think that would be a step up in quantity, NOT quality. Good luck, but I wouldn't expect great results.

The experiment is worthwhile, if only to prove that "more isn't necessarily better". Click here to see my system. When i move, i would most likely upgrade to a 7. I'm thinking about getting one of the last pair of these speaker models since they will match the rest of my system before they are gone for good, and I don't want to buy them and have them boxed up for a couple years.

It was more of a question of curiosity than anything. One thing to keep in mind Even though the 16 ohm load presented to the amp is safe, the volume drop between the two speakers may tempt you to boost up the volume of Hook up 7 speakers to 5.1 receiver affected channels to compensate.

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Thewreceiver is not an umlimited source of watts. It's possible that you could try to compensate for the volume drop and drive your receiver into clipping or even trigger the protective circuitry. I wouldn't bother with that. A whole lotta trouble and expense for not a whole lotta gain, and high potential for things sounding a lot worse than before.

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The thing you need to first ask yourself is not whether such a setup is possible, but what kind of performance you want your system to deliver. Once you answer that question, THEN you figure out steps to achieve that performance goal.

Otherwise, you're simply hooking up the extra surround speakers just because you can, not because they do anything to improve your audio quality.

This is a setup, and...

In general, I would first make sure that your 5. Are the levels matched properly, and did you match them with a SPL meter? Do you have the surround speakers properly aligned?

The reason I ask is...

Have you compensated for differences in distance by changing the delay timing? The back surrounds using a 5.

Since you have two speakers for each channel reproducing the same thing, it will potentially create time domain distortions and screw up the imaging cues. Even there, you got fewer than 0.

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Get that right first, and you'll get a lot more enjoyment out of your system than trying force feed something it was not intended to do. Originally Posted by bjornb In reference to your email, the surround channels on the AVR are rated at 8 Ohms.

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