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Did adam and eve have belly buttons

Pics Gallery Did adam and eve have belly buttons.

Red tape, white lies. Root of all evil.

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Birds and the bees. Eamon Warnock, Guangzhou, China Darwinian theory would suggest that they had.

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From a theological perspective; if we are all made in God's image, not only do we and Adam and Eve have them, but God must have one too. Andrew Cramer, Blackpool If, as fundamentalists would have us believe, God created all living things as they are now, of course Adam and Eve had navels.

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However, if that is what He did, why did He give Adam, and all male mammals, nipples? It seems a pointless provision - especially since Eve who came to have need of them, once they found out what their other naughty bits were for was, according to Genesis, an afterthought to the original grand design.

It was a masterful but moronic attempt to reconcile Genesis and Geology and though now generally forgotten it provides a fascinating insight into nineteenth century mental turmoil. They didn't have any ships in those days. Jenny, Bradford, Yorkshire The fact that the navels didn't exist because the people they were attached to didn't exist seems to render the debate a bit pointless. Click the link below to go there: He devoted Book 5 Chaper Did adam and eve have belly buttons to the question: Browne admits that pictures featuring the pair with navels are " Adam, Cambridge I think God was supposed to be their parents.

Does that make him an ape? Because apes have navels. Adrian, Littlehampton, UK If Genesis is Did adam and eve have belly buttons be taken literally then they didn't have belly buttons because God made them himself. They didn't need an cord to plug them in to a mother! If not they didn't exist as individuals so it's not an issue. David, Teddington UK Can some one please give me one good reason why they wouldn't?

Hannah, UK I have heard that in many paintings of Adam and Eve the navel area is obscured by folliage or tresses of hair, allowing the artists to sidestep the question, so it was clearly a contentious issue at a time when you would not want to stray from religious orthodoxy. Don Stewart, hexham Northumberland If they did The Great Unscientific Theory of Goss is not now largely forgotten, it is a basic part of all philosophy degree courses. Neither is it moronic since it provides an antithesis to all evolutionary theory in one fell swoop and is entirely impossible to disprove.

It may be considered merely a tricksy paradox by some but in fact it reveals the full extent of human ignorance by proving that as mere mortals we cannot ever expect to know the answers to such pointless questions as Did adam and eve have belly buttons are we here? Mary Fallon, Chippenham Wiltshire The navel is a scar left by the umbilical cord which attatches a foetus to the placenta.

His argument can best be...

If Adam and Eve were created as adults by God they would not have had an umbilical cord. Lee, Leeds god had to provide navals else any children that they may have would notice the abscence and thus grow up disfunctionally.

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Chris, Glasgow with regard to Adam Cramer's reply, i find it strange that he would back up an issue relating to creation with an opposing theory of evolution! But i really dont believe that Adam and Eve had belly buttons Catalina, Santiago Chile In response to Chico, you can refute any evidence by stating that God made it that way to fool us, but a it's not a very good argument, and b do you want to believe in an alleged divine being that behaves that way?

The redundancy of this navel must have been built into Adam and Eve as it is necessary for any offspring and could not have been used in their bodies. Therefore either the rest of mankind is not in god's image, or god created Adam and Eve knowing that they would have children and introducing the mechanism for that.

Danny, Birmingham I think we should ask if Adam and Eve ever existed or not!!

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Miguel Costa, Macau china Human beings have navels. If we are created in the image Did adam and eve have belly buttons Adam and Eve and if Adam and Eve were created in the image of the Lord which we're reliably informed that they were then this would suggest that God too had a navel which in turn would suggest that God had parents Did Adam and Eve have parents?

Maybe they did, maybe the parents sought anonymity and never got a mention in the holy book. Or maybe God felt they were never worthy of a mention.

My hunch is that, being aware of this conundrum, God, Adam and Eve would have been equipped with "phantom" navels, serving no practical purpose, but entirely necessary for the future of the human race.

I believe that God would...

Lets run over this again. There is plenty of documentary evidence.


The issue of contention since has been whether he was actually the son of God. Plenty of people were serious followers of Jesus, and stories about him were written and combined with existing stories to create what we know as The Bible. It is a great poetic work, full of wonderful lessons and morals. Most of it Adam and Eve, the virgin birth, God's meteorological wrath is a little like children's stories, and really not to be taken literally.

If one considers it, The Bible is very Earth-centric, ie it assumes everything of importance takes place here. What about the other planets? One has to remember the Did adam and eve have belly buttons of people that wrote it and the scientific knowledge they had at the time.

Anyone who takes The Bible literally is really headed for trouble, and probably will cause some trouble in their life because of this unreasonable and immature belief. A real divine being would laugh at all the nonsense talked about in their name. Be good to others, and then believe what you want. But if you believe in Adam and Eve, for God's sake keep quiet about it.

I believe we really have...

Jack Baber, Boston, England I believe they didn't, because they didnt have any umbilical Did adam and eve have belly buttons, so there would be none. However, God must have meant for them to come on Adam and Eve's children. Alice, Stockport, England I had an umbilical hernia and therefore had my bellybutton removed when I was four.

And thanks for making me self conscious Clare, Belfast, Northern Ireland I was a fundamentalist Christian when I was in my teens and, believe me, there are people out there who believe that every word of the bible is to be taken literally.

A variety of explanations are available for contradictions. For instance that the Devil placed fossils in the rocks of the Earth in order to tempt people into believing that the Did adam and eve have belly buttons wasn't to be taken literally. The explanation for the Bible saying that we are made in God's image but physiologically we appear to be some kind of ape is that Adam and Eve were made in God's image but when they failed the test and were thrown out of Eden, their offspring were bestial replicas of themselves and not in the image of God until Jesus came to die for our sins and reconcile us with God.

To be consistent with this I would have thought that they would not have had navels. A more important anomaly, I would have thought, is where did Cain's wife come from? One possible theory is that Adam did - because when God pulled his rib out he pulled it through his stomach and left a scar but there was Did adam and eve have belly buttons scar for Eve. The issue has absolutely no relation to "being made in God's image" or "they must have because otherwise they would not be perfect creations" and "all humans must be the same according to Genesis".

This is all wrong, because our navel is simply a scar and that is it. Not a part of our DNA like a nipple or ear or hair or whatever. It is no more significant than the fact that I have a scar on my leg from stacking it - but Adam didn't!!!

Much of Jesus' teaching and most of Paul's is predicated on this understanding of the origin of man and woman, husband and wife. If we disregard the creation account of Adam and Eve, we must consequentially put aside who rafts of Christian wisdom and practice.

I don't know how to move forward as both a Christian and a professional scientist.

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Adam and Eve did not need navels - but Cain, and Cain's wife did. Wayne Philp, Largs Bay, SA Australia Not sure, but since navels indicate an umbilical cord connection to a mother, and that it says somewhere that people were created in the imagine and likeness of god - god's a female.

Mike Bird, above Nonsense, she was the 'crown of creation', the purpose of the whole process.

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