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How much does internet hookup cost

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On top of that, it's going to take at least ten working days, and you want your house to be connected now.

Something that seemed simple and inexpensive in the brightly coloured billboard you saw is now suddenly a lengthy, expensive process. Click here for the best Home WiFi Plans. For the sake of dealing with the main issues, we'll pretend that everything else in your hypothetical connection is going ahead smoothly, and that you haven't run into any technological issues, that the phone line is connected to your house even if it isn't currently active, that the plans are available in your area and that you're not on any tricky bits of infrastructure.

Click here for a more thorough guide to setting up a broadband How much does internet hookup cost and some of the technological pitfalls that might beset you along the way. What do I have How much does internet hookup cost pay for? We've talked about the initial frustration and sense of unfairness that you might get when a provider tells you about all the costs involved in setting up a connection. However, if we go through them piece by piece, you might begin to see that in fact, these are costs that have to be paid, by either you or the provider.

It's a common misconception that providers make buckets of money off their subscribers — in fact, i t takes about three months of regular fees along with your initial set-up fees for a provider like TPG just to break even with the cost of setting up your connection.

Generally you'll be paying two main fees when it comes to setting up your internet. The first is a connection or set-up fee. You might be wondering why you have to pay a connection fee. Surely this is just providers being greedy? In fact, providers who waive fees are doing you a favour to attract your support and your business — you're not doing them a favour by paying the fees they need to provide you with a service!

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Connection fees cover a very important service. It's not just a matter of a robot tapping up a button in order to be able to connect your house to the internet. The complex mess inside a telephone exchange. In fact, creating a broadband connection is difficult work, done by trained technicians. A telephone exchange is full of wires, and yours have to be located in the mess and switched as carefully as possible.

We won't go into a long-winded technical discussion, but the connection fees are there for a reason; it's a tricky and expensive business, to get a broadband connection up and running, and one that involves manual labour and can't just be done robotically. This is also the reason behind the ten working days wait time.

The time is also necessary so that the provider can conduct further tests upon your line to make sure that there's no infrastructure or flawed technology that will block an internet connection from going ahead — and this is why if there is something wrong with your line, your wait time for the connection may stretch beyond ten How much does internet hookup cost days. The ten working days is frustrating, but unavoidable. If you really can't live without the internet for that period of time, we recommend that you find a temporary mobile broadband connection that you can use while you wait for your fixed line connection to be set up.