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F buddy review

Sexy Video F buddy review.

I've been on most dating sites, here are my reviews Results 1 to 6 of 6. Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Join Date Sep Gender: I've banged 18 girls to my knowledge from myspace in the past 5 years. You'll figure it out eventually. You will be hitting up loads of women.

Trying new openers every week until you fine tune the ones that give you the most success. It's vital to have a great photo. Dont have too many. The F buddy review you give them, the less flaws they'll be able to find. POF At first I thought it was a F buddy review mine.

Definitely easy to message a bunch of girls quickly, since their graphics take half a second to load.

Not sure if it's true. Definitely not worth the benefits with all the time and effort I put into it.

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MATCH I decided to pay for the service because it seems like everyone is on it, and my profile is fine-tuned, yet I've only fucked 1 girl from it!

And only gotten a few numbers. Such a piece of shit response rate for me.

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I can have the same photos and same opener on different sites yet one site will be a goldmine while the other site girls simply wont respond. I've exhausted the methods, yet hardly a result. Much better quality than POF.

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I get a pretty good vibe from this site. Havent banged anyone yet since I've only been on it for a week but I'll continue using it and F buddy review what happens. I'm not lying to you. I havent gotten anything worth giving a damn from there. My last name is pretty original so I searched for girls with my last name and found one that I particularly liked, so I messaged her as if she was my long lost sister.

I live in L.

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About a 5 hour drive. We've since exchanged numbers and have been talking on the phone for a few weeks now. In 3 weeks she's flying in to see me. That's about as much play as I've gotten from it. She's a hot latina.

Still fuck her to this day, and it's F buddy review since February.

If it wasnt for her, I'd say this website was a piece of shit too. A lot of spamming and not a lot of responses. I havent tried eharmony, true, chemistry, yahoo personals, or anything like that so I cant really comment on those. Hope my experiences shed some light on some of these websites.

Anyone have any similar or different views? Join Date Feb Gender: Lots of mails out in POF. Get responses too, but not laid yet. I'll admit, I fuk'n lie about my age. No one has carded me yet. Lots of looking F buddy review a husband vibe from there.

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Did meet a girl and had a pretty good thing going off EHarmony. I didn't pick up that she was really looking for a FWB and went into boyfriend mode and she F buddy review I think. Then again, she might have been telling the truth about why she broke it off, which had nothing to do with me.

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I'll let her get hungry for touch for a month or so then re-engage. Join Date Dec Gender: Age 36 Posts I've got a lot of experience with this stuff, so here's my breakdown with POF - Lot of crazy girls, girls get slammed with lame ass messages, even the ugly ones with 3 F buddy review profiles. Free, lot of girls, willingness to meet The Bad: Most are bat-shit crazy, many flake, many have kids, many seem to have the attention span of a 2 year old, many have more baggage than laguardia.

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OkCupid - I believe there are more women than men on this one. The problem is that women rarely ever want to meet up. Most seem to go for the quizes and social experience.

Careful with the 3 day trial, I swear that half the messages you get are from fake women just to suck you in. Hottest girls, usually the most intelligent of the bunch The Bad: Age 33 Posts Not F buddy review good a OkCupid in almost every regard. The only advantages are that the pool seems a lot bigger though the quality seems lowerand the website is cleaner and faster loading.

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I actually like knowing when a girl has read or deleted your messages though to be fair, if they haven't responded within a few days, you already know they prolly aren't interested. Not terrible, but not that good either. and other adult dating...

I would only use Match. The number of matches they make available to you is incredibly small they actually generate matches for you instead of allowing you to choose from the pool. And the smallest subscription you can get the 3-month subscription costs over a hundred bucks.

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The response rate isn't any better than OkCupid or POF, and when they do respond, the quality of the girl isn't any better either. A complete waste of time. Don't use this site for meeting girls. The only thing HotOrNot is good for getting feedback on your photos. And even then, I'm F buddy review to doubt the accuracy of HotOrNot's rating system.

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Credit goes F buddy review Mungojerry for giving me this idea. Im on OKcupid and ive met up with and screwed one girl from there in the past year but thats about it Join Date Jan Gender: Location Raleigh, NC Posts POF - Best site from a numbers game standpoint. Takes the least amount of work to find and message people. Quality of the girls is not that good, but there is a fresh batch of new girls constantly joining the site.

I have put the most amount of work into my profile on this site, and get a pretty good response rate here. OKCupid - A little better quality on this site, but a lot of the girls on here are just in it for the quizzes and forums. I still haven't figured out what the whole fucking F buddy review thing is all about.