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French girls love anal

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A friend of mine once got picked up by a man in Paris on Beaujolais Nouveau night and was taken back to his studio where they engaged in anal sex.

Afterwards, she said, he climbed down from the mezzanine bed, put on Dvorak and made leek soup, which they ate cross-legged on his wooden floor by the light of a candle. For French girls love anal used to the English interpretation of joie de vivre - a package involving alcohol, swearing a lot, vomiting, then falling asleep on the job - living life like it is an endless New Wave film both fascinates me and makes me feel like kicking everyone hard.

It's not that you want to go around acting like Saturday night in Pizza Hut all the time but after five years in Paris, I felt compelled to write a novel called Biche as a reaction to a French girls love anal steeped in male myths of Hemingway and Miller taking "whores" to buggy hotel rooms, the Marquis de Sade and Georges Bataille churning out "intellectual eroticism" and singers like Serge Gainsbourg drooling through their Gauloises.

Looking for female vulgarity in Paris is like waiting for Godot: Juliette Greco was the plaything of the existentialists, Colette was basically in the pocket of husband Willy and although Simone de Beauvoir put it about a bit for a woman of her time, it was nothing compared with what Sartre got up to. Even French actresses have never really gone in for the casting couch system.

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If you are a French starlet, the deal is you remain faithful to a French "auteur". Even when action does take place, it is done in such a goddam refined way.

Take the American Natalie Clifford Barney, one of the most famous lesbians French girls love anal the s. According to a new biography of Wilde, the women's extracurricular activities were as rampant as their literary ones, with Wilde having to perform "emergency seductions" when she got bored and Barney keeping lists of her conquests under the categories liaison, demi-liaison and aventure.

This sounds promising until you read on and find out that Barney had a habit of delivering herself to potential partners wrapped up in a large box of white lilies and riding her glass carriage though the streets in the early hours to sing opera tunes under the balconies of other lucky lovers.

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